Bellen Brand

Who is a Bellen Bae? She is confident, but humble. Her beauty is effortless. Her natural sensuality cannot be ignored. She leads by example and her fierce drive and determination inspires others. Her aspirations are endless and she will not be denied. You will always notice a Bellen Bae in the crowd, she stands out with her quiet power and unforgettable presence. Her style reflects all that makes her a Bellen Bae.


BellenBrand’s namesake and founder, Alexandria "Belle" Norman, represents a generation of emerging design talent that has freed itself from tradition and fully embraced the entrepreneurial street style of fashion. This fiercely independent spirit launched BellenBrand at the age of 18. Known as an "old soul" it was no surprise that her passion and aesthetic vision were already well developed. She blended her retail, wholesale and FIDM experiences to conceive of the brand, executing her vision alongside some of L.A.’s most successful creative and business talent. Norman’s designs are informed by her multicultural background and ethnically ambiguous experience. Her designs are unbridled, yet inclusive and wearable. Norman embodies the new breed of LA influencers making their national and international mark. DAG Magazine acknowledged her achievements by predicting that she will have “a beautiful career in the world of fashion.” Norman resides in South Central, Los Angeles. She is endlessly inspired by her son, Chase.